CRYSTAL SERIES Crystal Series UPS 1-2-3kVA


VRK CRYSTAL Series(1kVA – 2kVA – 3kVA) Uninterruptible Power Supplies are IGBT/Transformerless and High-Tech Advanced Designed.
VRK CRYSTAL series are true online double conversion topology UPS Systems, manufactured with the state of the art,PWN and IGBT technology, producing microprocessor cantrolled pure sinewave output.
VRK CRYSTAL series UPS protects and supplies systems such as Advanced Local Networks,Communication Systems, Medical Devices, Measurement Devices for Engineering Puroposes..etc 


» Microprocessor controlled high reliability and functionality 
» Double conversion, on-line UPS 
» High input PF> 0, 98 
» High operation efficiency 
» True sinusoidal waveform 
» Low THDI < % 3 
» Static Bypass 
» Overload and short circuit protection 
» Increased optional battery operation time 
» Front panel, user friendly led indicator 
» RS 232 and dry contact for communication and monitoring by remote monitoring software/SNMP/WEB/Network 
» Compatible with international standarts

» 1 years system and 10 years spare part availability guarantee

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