Inform UPS:Pyramid DSP T 10kVA to 300kVA

Pyramid DSP T
3 Phase In – 3 Phase Out / 10 – 300kVA

– IGBT Rectifier
– Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled
– Built in Inverter Output Isolation Transformer
– Input Power Factor Correction PFC(>0,99)
– Low Total Harmonic Distortion Level (THDi ≤ 4%) and (THDv < 1.5%)
– Wide Input Voltage Range
– Generator Compatible Operation
– Evolution and redundancy guaranteed by on site
– Modular Parallel Systems
– Intelligent battery management system extends the lifetime of batteries
– Synchronization Capability with external sources
– Static and Manual Bypass
– Communication with computers and network systems with SNMP availability
– Expandable battery blocks
– Low installation and operating costs
– EPO (Emergency Power Off)

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