VRK 300 Lo series UPS , PWM controlled ,IGBT technology ,microcontroller controlled , sinusoidal waveform ,ONLINE topology and parallel configurable devices.Advanced communication system supports many communication protocols and brings remote control advantage of the UPS.


» 3 phase in / 3 phase out
» Output 10-80 kVA
» Output isolation transformer
» Up to 91% efficiency
» Static by-pass
» External REPO switch input
» 5 control buttons iLCD alphanumeric display brings detailed monitoring of measured parameters.
» 3 mikrocontrollers for rectifier ,main control system ,parallel management
» 128 events alarm memory (4000 alarms)
» Clock and calender (battery supported)
» Ä°Advanced battery management controls charge system battery test
» High performance at nonlinear loads
» Dry contact simulation function
» Dial-up modem connection and setup
» Custom input voltage and frequency ranges
» International standarts compatibility
» SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) communication
» 2 years warranty
» 10 years spare parts support
» ISO9001 ,ISO14001 ,CE ,GOST certification
» Optional MODBUS adaptor.

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